Fro's Red Pages

This page is intended to be a resource for people seeking information about left wing liberal politics. Socialism, Communism, Anarchy. It's what is best. At this point in time, there is considerable unrest in society, created by our corrupt government hell bent on putting business(capitalism) and fundamentalist religion ahead of the good of the people. The effects on us, the people, is that things like medical coverage for homeless children and services for the elderly and incapable are taken away, while taxes to our richest neighbors are cut! What is needed is people to step forward and challenge the powers that be. We need to unite the workers, the lower classes and shout with one solid, clear voice,

"We matter! We are the people! And WE, are going to take OUR country back!"

Here are the links to guide you through the page. Check it out. If you wish to help out, with whatever it takes, send an email and let me know. Thank you.
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